Get the basics for free, or upgrade to enjoy premium features.

Basic Features

Our Free Version Includes:

  • Anonymous Two-way Conversations

    If you want to start a conversation with any manager, Fraynk will do the talking for you. You’ll see your manager, but your manager will only see Fraynk.

  • Open, Honest Feedback

    Managers can request feedback, and team members can reply honestly and fearlessly.

  • Anonymous Topic Discussion

    Add a layer of depth to manager feedback requests by leaving comments relevant to the discussion. These are anonymous by default, but you can leave your name if you want.

  • Vote on Best Suggestions

    Team members can vote on suggestions made through Fraynk so that the best ideas can become realities.

Premium Features

$1per user per month
  • Real-time feedback

    Get instant feedback from your team with questions that don’t need to be unlocked.

  • Scheduling

    Schedule questions on a recurring basis to help you track each team member’s progress through responses.

  • Team Suggestions

    Allow team members to suggest questions to you privately that they feel will enhance collaboration.

  • Tags

    Organize your team into groups for streamlined communications.