Signs Your Company Culture May Be Declining: 3 Critical Reasons to Start Listening To Your Team Now

Persistent assessment of your organizational culture from top to bottom is a necessity if you want to be successful. Learn the three reasons why simply listening to your employees can be the best strategy for future success.

Execution is done by the team

Creating the overall vision, mindset and strategy for the team is a fundamental requirement of leadership. A forward-looking business cannot forget that workers are their human capital.

Employees do the work. If a manufacturing process is not functioning correctly, the team will know why. Good management must be in tune with its workforce.

One sign of a declining company is the establishment of artificial walls between managers and the team executing. Preventing the free flow of ideas will damage the level of trust within the team. The best CEOs have an open door policy; they have learned that listening can be their most reliable source of information.

Employees are the Face of the Organization

Management does not answer your phone lines; your staff does. Hiring friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives is critical to providing the best service for clients. However, the part that is often overlooked is they can be the best source of product strategy.

If your product has bugs, then your customer service department will hear about it. Creating a strong feedback loop between the parts of your organization that are talking to the client and the parts that are setting strategy is a surefire way to retain and win over consumers.

Create Cohesion

Is your team working as one? A well-oiled corporate structure enables all parts to move as a whole. Continual communication is a necessity, including honest feedback.

Most companies seek to create artificial morale by quelling all public disagreements or controversies. While this is necessary to ensure that short-term tasks are completed promptly, it has the potential to lead to long-term problems if serious issues are not dealt with.

Remember; a company is a grouping of both management and employees.