Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fraynk really anonymous?

Yes. We built Fraynk to create a safe place for employees to bring up important topics without having to worry about repercussions. We didn’t build Fraynk to trick you into saying something to your manager you wouldn’t otherwise say. That would be mean.

Who is meant to use Fraynk?

Fraynk was designed to benefit everyone within an organization. If it’s your first day or twentieth year, whether you’re a founding member or a new employee, Fraynk is here to help you establish a productive and collaborative workplace.

How much does Fraynk cost?

The basic features of Fraynk are free, but leaders can upgrade for $1 per user, per month, to access premium features.

Will my boss know I’m part of Fraynk?

Yes, they will know you are in the system, but that’s a good thing! It ensures that your manager knows the feedback is coming from their team. However, your manager will never know which specific pieces of feedback are yours unless you include your name or unless you say something that violates our Code of Conduct, so think twice before repeating what Rob said at the bar the other night.